The Health Value Fund

Prevail Partners - life sciences fund

Our investment fund is uniquely positioned to realize substantial and early returns on investments in life sciences companies with promising therapeutics, devices and diagnostics.
These companies will gain value from the substantial improvement in clinical trial success achieved from the trial design, oversight and outcomes management of our affiliate Prevail InfoWorks Inc. 
Our fund uses a proprietary selection criteria, leverages proactive risk management and catalyzes early partnering opportunities through:
  • De-risking investments by equipping management with tools for budget and outcomes oversight
  • Early and greater visibility of study performance and trends
Universe of potential investments
  • Breakthrough and novel technologies that would achieve a significant value inflection with clinical success
  • Companies with milestone agreements in place​  
 Proprietary Evaluation Process
Our universe of investment targets begins with firms currently sponsoring Phase I through Phase IV clinical trials or studies for approval, marketing and reimbursement.  We focus on innovative medical technologies that are making their way through the development cycle.
Next, we apply our patented benchmarking libraries and analytics platform to: Compare candidate trial metrics to norms; (2) discover risk reduction potential; and (3) accurately project cost and timelines. Prevail Partners then performs a thorough FDA review process with the assistance of former senior FDA officials for the purposes of: (1) identifying potential issues and barriers to approval; (2) formulating complex strategies to enhance the likelihood of approval; and (3) estimating the extent of potential additional trial requirements. This removes another layer of risk and improves ultimate chances of success and informs stakeholders for the benefit of patients.
The final determinants of suitability are 1) the securing of third-party market metrics to confirm the economic viability of the drug and 2) the ability to establish a fixed timeline for value creation and monetization. Once these are secured, we can go forward with our investment – leaving us with investment prospects numbering fifty to sixty companies.
The entire selection process is made possible by the expertise lodged in a portfolio company of Prevail Partners, Prevail InfoWorks, Inc..  Their patented technologies applied to every phase of trials gives Prevail Partners’ investments an unmatched level of intelligence and control for their product development.  As an additional item, our selection criteria is complimented by our very favorable terms – we are seeking partnerships, not business deals, to improve the quality of life for patients and maximize benefit in society.
Selection – additional refinements and strategic considerations
From the opportunities that make the cut, the Prevail Partners​ will review:
  • IP, regulatory, timing, and likely labeling
  • Report on medical technologies from a deep bench of scientific experts
  • Evaluation of strategic exit options by licensing and commercialization executives
  • Statistical analysis for cost effective optimization of p-values
We offer:
  • Favorable terms
  • A strategic partner to grow with
  • A great team
  • Deep industry and multi-discplinary knowledge